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Draleon Past Life Regression

Hi, I am Gaby and I am certified on the Draleon Methods

"You may ask, what is the Draleon Method?

It is a combination of processes to support self-healing while using shamanic and energy work in various other modalities.

The method is unique and unconventional.

Until today, no method covers as many areas of spiritual and emotional healing, resulting in the physical body feeling better

This method contains several modalities of energy and reprogramming work. It is known as 

"the practical spirit in action."

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Do you worry about the same problems and feel like you're going in circles? Our Past Life Regression can help you go back in time and resolve any traumatic karmic soul lessons still affecting you in the present. Unlock your true potential with our professional process today!

What is a Draleon Past Life Regression?
It is a process that helps to go back in time to the past to resolve specific traumatic karmic soul lessons still affecting the person at a subconscious level in the present time.

The purpose of The Draleon Past Life Regression

The purpose is to help the person re-script and reframe the unresolved karmic soul lesson to shift your energetics in your favor and activate the emotional and spiritual healing process to maximize your soul evolution in the present time.

Unresolved Karmic Lessons

Unresolved karmic lessons can be one of the most typical ways to make anybody feel stuck at any time in life.

There are two different past life/lives and unresolved lessons to consider:

Past life unresolved lessons, this one is considered the past of your actual life, and this usually comes from childhood.Past lives are unresolved karmic lessons from actual past lives for those that believe in the reincarnation of human beings.

In reality, both are related and connected to the other. Still, this process can help any individual, depending on their belief system.

Karmic Lessons vs. Traumatic Events

Karmic soul lessons are more of consciousness events than present in our lives to learn or understand something that can make us more mature, not just as a person but also helps with our soul's evolution.

These karmic lessons are not limited to anything. In reality, it can be all kinds of events, from attracting a soul mate or twin flame to our life to keep having accidents or bad luck.

It can be anything, especially those things that make us stubborn about different things. We are not willing to see, even if other people can see our patterns or habits, and we are not making any effort to correct them.

For example, a person who falls quickly into an abusive relationship will do it repeatedly every time in a new relationship without any control or understanding of how or why keep repeating this issue. It is not just a psychological point of view. It is terrible to see the psychological part of the issue because it is more like an energetic problem. It can happen to anyone in any area of life, and yes, it is because we need to grow and become more conscious. Once we shift the dynamics of the energetics in ourselves, we will be able to function and behave differently and more mindfully and maturely.

Traumatic events can be the leading cause of the behavior in past lives. Still, in the past life method and process, the problem is not just the damage from the event. The problem comes from the lack of growth, the lack of understanding, and the lack of being more conscious.

Any of this, of course, always creates energetic imprints in our lives and makes us create comfort zones that, in reality, are very uncomfortable.

Energetic Imprints

Energetic imprints are the recordings of every moment in our life, good or bad. It is like a video recording of our life 24/7/365.

The imprints create a vibrational and magnetic field that will attract or repeal people, things, and life circumstances to us, for us, and from us.

This imprint holds the key to life lessons and human and soul trauma.


energetics | ˌenərˈjediks | plural noun


of the properties of something in terms of energy:

is the energetics of molecular collisions.

2 [treated as singular], the branch of science deals with energy properties and how it is redistributed in physical, chemical, or biological processes.

In other words, energetics are the result of our imprints of human life, and those energetics will determine what we will attract or reject in our life. Ex. We can attract very good or terrible things to our life or reject or repel very bad or very good things.

It all depends on our energetics. That is why the Past Life Regression work is to help people shift their energetics and consciousness by going to the root cause and origin of the problem from one specific time or life.

How long does it take for a Draleon Past Life Regression to work?

The Draleon Past Life Regression is a powerful re-scripting and reframing energetics work and process.

The person will feel different right away in most cases, but it will take about 30 days to get the best of the shift in the energetics of the person.

How long does the process of a Draleon Past Life Regression?

The average process time is one hour and a half but can be 3 hours or even up to 5 hours long. It will depend on the life lesson, but this will be determined during the assessment session.

A one-hour assessment session is required, plus homework that needs to happen before the regression.

Dream interpretation and symbolic meaning may be used during the session.

How many assessment sessions are needed to do a Draleon Past Life Regression?

Just one. But it is not limited to the consideration of the practitioner.

Is the Draleon Past Life Regression for everyone?

This process is a safe and exciting process that helps people balance their soul evolution. This process can be for everyone, including children 12 years old and up.
Is the Draleon Past Life Regression safe!

100% Yes, it is!



In the first session, Gaby will learn about your individual situation and use some methods to be able to determine what is needed for you to feel better or find the answers to your problem(s).


After the evaluation session, Gaby will create an action plan for you.


Gaby will ensure your physical healing progress goes hand-by-hand with your mental (conscious and unconscious) progress.

I Am 100% Committed To Helping

In Your Healing, I Am Ready, As

Soon As You Are!


I Had A Very Intense Session With Gaby, She Is Such An Amazing Healer And Soul.

To know her is such a gift and a blessing. To receive her amazing healing work is something to be treasured.


I Began To Feel Different, So Much So That My Awakening Was Utterly Different.

I am an MD doctor, and I believe in science, but I am sure that there is healing therapy through our emotions and energies.

Reyna Flores

I Had No Idea What Was In Store For Me But It Was Such A Beautiful Experience.

I enjoyed it so much I went back for several sessions. It is clear that Gaby has a pure heart and I will definitely be going back.

Angel Mata

Gaby Helped Me Overcome My Mental And Emotional Struggles.

I dealt with severe anxiety, depression, and weight disorders, her therapy soothed and healed all my broken pieces. Her professionalism and strength as a healer and therapist are worth every penny.

Michelle S.

are you ready


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