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The Draleon Karmic Disconnection

When we interact with other people there is an Exchange of Energy (a Karmic Connection), we give and receive energy, that energy carries a strong current of feelings, if the feelings from both people are good, and stay good the energy flows naturally, like a river going to the ocean.

If the good flow of energy breaks because there is an argument with the other person, and there are feelings of anger, fear, hate, disappointment, these feelings make the exchange of energy into a close cycle of Bad Energy that instead of flowing naturally, gets stuck like water in the swamp.The levels of karmic connection or exchange vary, A simple glance at the other person at a distance. Verbal communication. Physical touch. Just thinking about someone, or someone thinking about you Intense physical, emotional exchange, such as a fight, sexual activity, and sexual intercourse.

In some cases, even if there is NO verbal or physical interaction between two people, but one person has negative feelings towards the second person like Hate, Envy, Anger, Resentment, a Karmic Connection is created.

Something has to be done to break that cycle of bad energy and remove that Karmic Connection from your conscious and unconscious. In the process of the Karmic Disconnection session, I help you by replacing negative karmic connections with positive & happy karmic connections and removing the bad ones forever.


Karmic Disconnections heal you if you, Recently gone through a breakup, Recently gone through a divorce, Want to stop feeling angry with another person? Are feeling angry with someone and can’t let go?

If you are in a relationship, and your spouse/partner had an affair, and you strongly believe you want to save the relationship this is the best method to forgive and forget, and continue your relationship in much better terms, Want to move on with your life, and want to forgive and, or forget someone.

Karmic Disconnections help in re-establishing emotional health, so you can take the next step forward in your life!⁠

Are you ready to empower yourself and undo certain connections in your life?

Now is the time to do it with Karmic Disconnection. This professional energetic spiritual process will help you disconnect from people, yourself, or objects and open the door to a new and improved life. Start your journey with Karmic Disconnection today.

What is a Draleon Karmic Disconnection?

It is a spiritual, energetic, and emotional process of disconnection between people, yourself, or even objects.

The purpose of the Draleon Karmic Disconnection

The purpose is to help you to resolve energetic Karma between you and other people, and believe it or not, objects too.

What is Karma?

karma | ˈkärmə |


(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence viewed as deciding their fate in future existences: a buddha is believed to have completely purified his Karma


Last but not least traumatic events will be representing and replaying the event at a conscious or unconscious level, making us either repeat it in any way by being the victims again or by us being the ones doing it to others. We can see this very often with parents doing the same thing they lived before to their kids.

In my observation, Karma is pretty much an energetic exchange. Our Universe contains a law that is the most significant rule about energy exchange; this is what I call the law of compensation.

The Law of Compensation (Karma and Dharma)

In reality, the law of compensation is the magnetic interaction of particles or spiritual forces that will try to make some balance from that interaction.

The law of compensation contains what people know as Karma and Dharma, so it includes the possibility of a karmic debt (Karma) and also (Dharma) representing your reality and the way that life happens to and for you.

Humans can get into situations of Karma very quickly; they need to be close to another person. The closer they get, the worse the Karma can be.

There will always be a thing between people; invariably, someone will feel that they are doing more than the other, and at some point, it will feel like their exchange is not reciprocal.

Fire is the element of Karma and anger is the consequence

.There is symbolism about the fire element in Karma. In reality, it gives us the key to fixing our Karma or tells us the purpose.

Fire is an element of purification, and that is what Karma intends. Purification of the karmic exchange of debt resulted in anger, and the more people hold on to it, the more painful and destructive it will be.


Anger is the primary emotion that creates Karma, even though people may think anger will not apply to everybody. For example, suppose someone stole something from someone else. In that case, it is the anger of the person that found out that someone stole something from them, the one that will activate the karmic lesson for the other person, even if they do not know or have no clue who did it. This is because karmic exchange works at a subatomic level, making this matter a soul matter.

Once that Karma is activated, it is just a matter of time before the law of compensation presents some payback to life.

Unconscious happening

Because karmic exchange happens at the subatomic level, we unconsciously act and react in the way necessary to get our Karma. For example, life may put you together with a particular person if you have to resolve a karmic debt with that person, just like people attract their parents or lovers to be closer. So the Universe will somehow put these souls together to resolve the issues.

The problem with Karma is that some people will let go, and others will not, so basically, Karma will continue happening until a disconnection happens between those people.

And disconnection can be done at the spiritual and energetic levels.

How long does it take for a Draleon Karmic Disconnection to work?

The Draleon Karmic Disconnection starts working right at the moment of the disconnection process. Most people who have experienced the process described a feeling of liberation, and others also said that the person they disconnected from tried contacting them, saying they got a little sick, wanted to vomit, etc. All these are just reactions of a purge and disconnection.

How long does the process of a Draleon Karmic Disconnection take?

The process takes one hour and requires at least another session of 30 minutes to assess and find the right person for the Karmic Disconnection. Note: the assessment session can be avoided if the client is completely sure and knows exactly who the person to disconnect from is.

How many assessment sessions are needed to do a Draleon Karmic Disconnection?

One 30 minutes session or none if that is the case.

Is the Draleon Karmic Disconnection for everyone?

Yes, this is a very safe and liberating process and is recommended for everyone, including kids, especially those showing anger issues.


Is the Draleon Karmic Disconnection safe?

100% Yes, it is!

Can this process disconnect the Karma of your actual love relationship?

Yes! A Draleon Karmic Disconnection will help in two different cases.

Suppose you want to disconnect from someone you don't want to see in your life.

In this case, this will work really well to help you keep yourself in a better place and don't go back and reconnect with the person you don't want in your life anymore.It will work great if you disconnect the karmic debt from your actual love relationship because even if you are still together, it will remove a lot of negative and heavy energy between the two of you, allowing you to build a better and more caring relationship



In the first session, Gaby will learn about your individual situation and use some methods to be able to determine what is needed for you to feel better or find the answers to your problem(s).


After the evaluation session, Gaby will create an action plan for you.


Gaby will ensure your physical healing progress goes hand-by-hand with your mental (conscious and unconscious) progress.

I Am 100% Committed To Helping

In Your Healing, I Am Ready, As

Soon As You Are!


I Had A Very Intense Session With Gaby, She Is Such An Amazing Healer And Soul.

To know her is such a gift and a blessing. To receive her amazing healing work is something to be treasured.


I Began To Feel Different, So Much So That My Awakening Was Utterly Different.

I am an MD doctor, and I believe in science, but I am sure that there is healing therapy through our emotions and energies.

Reyna Flores

I Had No Idea What Was In Store For Me But It Was Such A Beautiful Experience.

I enjoyed it so much I went back for several sessions. It is clear that Gaby has a pure heart and I will definitely be going back.

Angel Mata

Gaby Helped Me Overcome My Mental And Emotional Struggles.

I dealt with severe anxiety, depression, and weight disorders, her therapy soothed and healed all my broken pieces. Her professionalism and strength as a healer and therapist are worth every penny.

Michelle S.

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